Turkish dramas are destroying our moral values by showing absurd content. In the name of modernization, we have exposed to in appropriate and immoral content through Turkish dramas. Turkish dramas in last few years gained high popularity among Pakistani masses. These dramas became the highest source of entertainment after Pakistani government put ban on Indian content in Pakistan. Turkish dramas shows low moral values and most of them portray the broken families and extra marital affairs.

The most famous Turkish drama “ISHQ-E-MAMNU” which broke all the records of popularity and fame among Pakistanis. In this drama, extra marital affairs was the main focus. In which Adnan Ziagill’s young wife Beter is having an extra marital affairs with her step-daughter’s fiancé Behlul.

In most of the Turkish dramas, respectable relations of father, daughter, son, mother, son etc. are not even carefully depicted. Due to the promotion of unethical content and indecency Pakistani drama industry also started making dramas which are inspired by Turkish dramas. Producing dramas on these immoral values just because these Turkish dramas are gaining acclamation, is seriously illogical and against ethics.

HUM TV drama “MERE HAMDAM” is an example of extra marital affair in which Gohar Mumtaz having an extra marital affair with Mashal Khan and later married her without informing her wife Sara Khan.

In another drama of HUM TV “MAA SADQE”,Sajjad (Faiq Khan) fall in love with her dead brother’s widow Iffat (Zainab Ahmed), he used to harass her and made her life hell and forces her to get marry him just to get her house.

Another dilemma prevailing in Turkish dramas is “Divorce”.Most of the Turkish drama content is based on divorce, broken families due to having an extra marital affair, mostly with someone’s wife or husband or rich old man. Do to their high demand and popularity, divorce rate increasing in Pakistan.

Rape is another phenomenon portrayed in some of Turkish dramas. One fine example is “FATIMAGUL-AKHIR MERA KASOOR KYA”, the second drama after “ISHQ-E-MAMNU”, which  acquired highest acclimation from Pakistani viewers. In this drama, Fatima gul is raped by a group of drunk people, most of them were rich spoilt men. She faced a lot of difficulties in her way to get justice and to punish her culprits (rapists) and ended up marrying the one from that group. The similar idea taken by ARY which produced drama “BAY KHUDI”. The plot shows a desperate man Noor Hassan raped his cousin Sara Khan just to marry her as she love someone else.

Turkish dramas in the name of modernization showing totally opposite content to Pakistani culture and values. These are also demolishing our cultural norms and values as people started following their customs just like a decade back, people used to follow Indian trends in Pakistan.

There are plenty of dramas in which father is flirting with daughter’s friend or husband flirting with his wife’s sister just like in HUM TV Drama “JAAL”.

In one of the famous drama now a days is “AYESHAGUL” in which the respect for precious relationship marriage is eliminated. Jan (main lead) seems to be careless about having relationships and he consider marriage only a game to play and enjoy. the same seems to be happening in Pakistani drama “YEH LOG KYA KAHENGE” in which Mashal considers marriage a game and just in order to keep her cousin sister Shizza close to her, who is her brother’s widow too, get her married with her husband.

If we are talking about Turkish dramas the debate is incomplete without discussing famous Turkish series “MERA SULTAN”, which is based on life and reign of Osmania Caliphate, women were shown as a piece of lust, satisfaction, entertainment and pleasure for men. While the ladies of palace are busy in ugly cat fights and conspiracies. Just like drama “KHAS” in which self-obsessed husband wants his wife to obey him and act in accordance to his rules and orders.

In spite of the fact the government of Pakistan imposed high taxes on Turkish content but still they are getting on-aired repeatedly on different private channels.

Everything has two sides; good or bad. It depends on us, the viewers, to choose which content to view and which content to ignore. It is sad reality to describe that we always tends towards misuse of everything. It is sad to say that we are misinterpreting and misusing the things we see, hear and observe. Instead of adopting the editing, production, direction, shooting/filming techniques from Turkish dramas we adopt their low morals. There is a need to establish, strengthen and boost our drama industry that the viewers remain stick to our local dramas instead of foreign content. If it happens no one will be the viewer of foreign content while prioritizing local Pakistani dramas.

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